Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Stage 2 - Cast Removal Day 😬

Well today in about 4 hrs, I am hoping to have the cast removed, so fingers crossed this goes ahead.

I am very nervous of the cast coming off, equally, it definitely needs to be removed, it has been on my arm for 7 1/2 weeks, it has been very warm weather, to say it is a bit "minty" is an understatement. πŸ‘ƒπŸ’©.

The amount of walking I have done has surprised even myself! on one occasion I was walking down a country lane, doing my arm excercises (as you do!) when a car stopped and asked if i was ok, they thought I was trying to flag them down. πŸ˜†

Socially distanced coffee on the go, is my new norm. Walking alone, with friends and on a couple of occasions, total strangers! I realised afterwards they could well have been rapists or murderers, but they seemed friendly enough at the time. What I have discovered is that there is plenty in my local area to be discovered, walks, information, fascinating people. People doing great things. 

My target was to walk 100 miles during May by the time the cast came off, as at last night; Monday 25th May, a total 136.6 miles have been covered, taking a time of 34 hrs, by my calculation that is an average of 4.01 miles per hour and average of 5.464 miles per day. That seems quite reasonable. 

The last few weeks have been a soul search. I tried half heartedly to sell my beautiful EnviLiv. I say tried, I didn't try very hard, also She now has 3 paintwork chips on her that need to be repaired, so no one will want to buy her till they are sorted, and, to be honest, I don't really want to sell her. 

A friend of mine is a physiotherapist, she is a kind, generous lady, and is helping me with excercises on my arm whilst I still have the cast on. This involves a 1kg bag of rice, 4 pegs and a mug. 

The bag of rice has been tied to my arm with pair of old tights, I then have to bring my thumb to my mouth, (not my mouth to my thumb). this took a few days but I can now do it. 

The pegs have to be removed from the mug with my thumb and one finger at a time, they then have to be put back on the mug using only the thumb and one finger.  She certainly knows what she is talking about. The results have not been huge, but I have started to get some movement back in my hand, and hopefully in time the muscle will start to build.

Another person, has very kindly offered me the use of a swimming pool to help with the rehab. I am bowled over by this, no one has to make such offers, it is unbelievably kind.

So now it’s off to the hospital and fingers crossed, I will be back later without the cast. 


  1. Great walking target Achieved! Very well done Wendy. With Suzi by your side and your huge determination you Will get there Wendy x

  2. From the cross in the background of the mug picture I thought you'd tried performing exorcisms :-)

    1. that made me chuckle, no exorcisms here, sorry to disappoint you :-)