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I know everyone says test your gear out before race day, they are right believe me. Wearing new trainers, putting a new saddle on your bike, wearing a new pair of goggles big mistake, Huge!😦

Make sure that your Trisuit is comfortable cycling or running when it is wet, chaffing can be a real problem for some people, it can make you sore for days after. Aquaeous cream or E45 very good for chaffing

The first tri suit I purchased was the cheapest one available, mainly because if it was to be my one and only Tri, lots money didn't need to be spent.  The unfortunate thing was, it had a zip at the back, totally impractical for women, can't speak for the men out there! getting it done up was a nightmare, going to the loo in a Portaloo was a an accomplishment in it's self. 

I'm surprised the loo didn't end up on it's side with all the huffing, puffing and heaving going on to get out of it and then back into it.   it was soon replaced with a zip at the front one. 😂😂😂

Covering stuff up whilst you are swimming is always a good idea, if it rains and here in the UK we do have the odd shower, putting on wet stuff to go running is unpleasant. At Stratford, I rammed everything into an Aldi Bag, everyone else seemed to have proper bag. Fortunately it didn't rain, for Woburn it rained, everything was soaked, so because I love shopping and need very little excuse. I bought a bright pink Kitbrix bag. It sticks out like a sore thumb amid everyone else's rucksacks, so I always know where my bike is.

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