One of those things, like most things in life, some people enjoy and others do not. Still, it's part of the Triathlon Challenge so needs must!.

If like me, running is a bit of a chore I can recommend a good book to read, it really helped me. Jeff Galloway - Mental Training for Runners, I dip in and out of it, when motivation is needed, it refers to the "Monkey Brain" which describes my attitude to running quite well.

Check the running surface for your next triathlon, if its 50% grass/tarmac, train on that type of surface. At Stratford the surface is described at footpath (it may have changed) however, because the run course is not closed, I ended running on the grass for most of the 5km, people with dogs, kids on bikes, a lady with a zimmer frame and a person in a wheelchair were all using the path, so along with most of the other runners, the grass it was. If you haven't trained for that sort of surface its a tough one.

Good trainers from a shop that checks your gait analysis is, as you probably know, the best place to start. In my experience a local running shop is the best, they take the time and effort to make sure you have the right one's. they want the repeat custom so will sell you whats suitable not what's the highest price/profit margin.

Using elastic laces is a good idea, not because they do or don't save you time in Transition, they do actually help stop accidents by not coming undone when you are wearing them. I saw someone fall at the Cotswold Event because laces had come undone and they tripped over them, not pleasant to see.

Socks, who knew there could be so many sorts. Again try a few pairs out, some of them slip under your foot whilst running and are not comfortable. There are some really good brand out there; feetures are a personal favorite.

I read somewhere that you should dress like it's 20o good advice, so dryfit running tops always useful. A windproof gilet, is always really helpful, you can put it on to cycle in and then leave it on during the run, the cycle ones have good breathable fabrics.

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