Sunday, 20 February 2022

Off Season Training

The winter / off season is a good time to work on some of the things we neglect during the warmer summer months. For me that's core training, so Pilates and stretching are important, but building up the strength in the upper body is key. As a cyclist, I have leg like tree trunks and arms like two bits of celery with crinkly skin (see earlier posts).  

Chris Hoy says his thighs are equal to a size 8 for a woman's waist.  So at least I know I'm not the only one with a problem, although his thighs probably look a lot better than mine. 😄 

During the first lockdown when my lime green plaster was in place, my OH suggested that Sit-up's every morning would be a good idea, we started with 5, I found it really difficult, when I tried to sit-up my feet would shoot into the air and I would need to use my arms 😅

So my OH would hold my feet and the only thing I could use were my core muscles.  It worked, it has now become part of my routine and my feet no longer need to be held.  

So every morning  20 sit-ups, a 1 minute plank, and recently 1 minute on a Bosu ball balance has been added. I reckon 4 mins tops.  Its surprising how much of a difference it makes. 

Like a lot of people, during lockdown I went shopping (as you do!) and bought kettlebells, weights, resistance bands and the like, so I've not been back to the gym, saving my self the monthly fee. Circuit training really helps and there are lots of U-tube exercise videos that can be used, and its easy to chat to the person doing the workout, knowing full well they can't hear you, won't comment on any bad language used or answer you back. Also, if like me you don't like burpees you can fast forward and ignore them 😝

Back and core strength exercises are really good for us all. Stretching out the hip flexors also helps me with tight ham strings (which can be quite painful) 

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