Tuesday, 14 April 2020

X-Rays & Scans

No radishes were used whilst writing this blog 😂😂

I am sat waiting to see the consultant, over the last few days I have realised how self indulgent I have been. How there are far more people out there than we could possibly know, doing amazing things every day!  The NHS staff for a start.

Dame Sarah Storey; inspirational swimmer, turned cyclist, born with one hand, who competes at the highest level, has two children and a very successful career, she has adpted her life to ensure she can do what wants regardless of her disability.

Tim Dom; if you have not read his story, it is a good read. Truly amazing, he broke his back whilst training for an Ironman, fought against all the odds and came back, to not only not compete in Ironman Kona, but to totally smash it.

My pilates Instructor suggested reading a book by George Mahood; "Operation Ironman" its a great read and free atm, on Kindle unlimited, even better 👀👍 

I am not comparing myself to any of the above people, they achieved more than I have ever dreamt of. They have all overcome huge obstacles, mentally and physically, so if needs be I will adjust the swimming (not sure I would call it technique) crab impression, adjust the bike, and plough on regardless!

Yesterday whilst out for my daily walk, 2 young girls ran past me, they looked similar so I assumed they were sisters, anyway they were running along, chatting away, looking very at ease, ponytails swinging in the breeze. I know when I am running well plodding along, usually beetroot coloured, hair looking as if I have just been plugged into a socket, chatting is the last thing on my mind! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🥵

My name has been called, so off to see the Doctor, wish me luck.

Another X-Ray followed by CT scan. The Doctor was lovely, really kind and understanding. Why do they always look about 15!!  He decided that 9 days in, no operation would be done, due to the high risks at the current time, and the reduced dexterity of operating with a lot more PPE. 👨

The radius bone has a small triangler break where it hit the scaphoid when I hit the road. The scaphoid is fractured and the triangler break in the radius has shattered. To put it bluntly its a mess. I was happily unaware until this morning, that a fracture scale existed, my damage is 8/10 on said scale. I would be happy to admit, that had I never known about this scale I would have remained blissfully ignorant.

The best option is to stay in the cast. So have opted for a lime green one, it is the worst colour imaginable, but equally very bright and will blend nicely with my eyes most mornings! 👀

I told the Dr I was doing a Coast to Coast bike ride on the 10th July with some friends, he winced, yes it might be possible, lets see what happens in 5/6 weeks when the cast comes off. The physio required would be intense.   I took this as good news, he had not actually said it wasn't possible. My first real challenge, if I could do this, I could the Ironman, and my Swim Serpentine. 

To the Ladies I am cycling with, if you read this, I have to do it, even if I moan and groan. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

The daily excercise routine is going well, an hours walk everyday, Virtual Spin Classes; Monday & Friday and a couple of other turbo sessions maybe Wednesday & Saturday.  

Take care everyone and I’ll see you again in a few weeks 😷🤞