Saturday, 11 April 2020

Week 1 More shopping

So 1 week since the accident, showering is proving to be a challenge. I can't get the cast wet, but a regular daily walk in warm weather and spinning on the turbo leaves you smelling, well less than fresh. 🙊👃

I have unsurprisingly been shopping, 😀 this time on Amazon. 

The wonderful NHS nurses who sorted me out in A & E suggested you could buy an arm covering thing. So I ordered it from Amazon and because it is classed as protective equipment, I got it the next day! How cool is that!!

so arm covered, my OH has helped me put it on & following a shower feel so much better, I smell slightly sweeter as well. Yesterday was a bad day for me, so the best part of a bottle of wine was consumed. Not something I would usually do, nor would I ever recommend it, but sometimes, just occasionally, it blurs the edges for a while. The unfortunate consequence of that is that no painkillers were allowed when I went to bed!!

My aim on my excercise routine is to complete the 3.75 mile walk round the town I live in, in 45 minutes. yesterday 54 mins 34 secs is the time it took. I will know the ribs are healing when I achieve this. 😂

Looking forward to seeing Consultant on Tuesdsay 🙏


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  2. So real not test comment.
    Inspirational as always. That consultant has taken a shine to you so make the most of it. xx