Saturday, 18 April 2020

Running & Swimming

It is rather ironic really that I have damaged my hand during what was going to be a 5K run, my daily exercise whilst in Covid-19 lockdown.  Out of the 3 triathlon disciplines, running is my least favourite. πŸƒ

Cycling will always be my first love, now closely followed by swimming - given that I had a fear of water, and now swim like a crab, that is a big turnaround for me. Specifically Open Water Swimming, I love it. Although I am not sure I would do it without a wetsuit!

Running, many people love it, for me it's a chore, it is done because it needs to be done, and allows me to eat chocolate or specifically butterscotch and pecan yum yums 😈

The Turbo trainer has been a god send during this lockdown for me and many other people. I can't lean forward to use the handlebars very well due to the ribs but for now it serves a purpose. I did try to ride with Geraint Thomas, but his power output and speed means I cant even ride with the people at the back. 

My Pilates teacher who is a mind of good useful information, said that I could walk as part of my recovery, and would help keep the miles in the legs, she is right as always. Running whilst the ribs are still cracked is not a good idea, mind you sneezing isn't much fun either, trying to run with a cast on, is asking for trouble imo. So walking it is. I only live in a small town, so I am aiming to have walked every street, close, avenue, and all other places by the time the cast comes off.   🚢🚢🚢🚢

So far I have done about 40% of it, and have found a couple of places I didn't know existed, walking between 45/50 mins a day is quite therapeutic in some respects. 

Its interesting to note that because lots of people have been out walking because like me, they are staying home, people actually smile at each other. Also having conversations with people across the street or whilst waiting in the queue to go into the supermarket is weird but strangely comforting.

Whilst learning to swim, everyone was always talking about using your "core" I had no clue what they are talking about, and to some extent I still don't. It's a pity someone can't really explain it, that way I could be less crab and more dolphin! my impression of it is that you need to hold your butt cheeks together, which helps you streamline better in the water, although if someone can explain it to me I would be very happy to listen and take notes.  

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