Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Growing Food

My OH is currently furloughed, so at home 24/7, to keep himself busy, he has been gardening, I have been supervising, as you do!  
As much as it’s nice to spend time together, 24/7 is rather a lot, it’s nice for us to have a break and sometime to ourselves. 

So we have separated our daily exercise. He does his in the morning, I do mine in the afternoon. He has no interest in Triathlon, really hates cycling, cannot see the attraction of swimming in a pool, let alone a lake and as for running, well let’s just say it’s not his thing. He is however very supportive, and takes a keen interest in what I eat.

A few weeks ago, I went for one of my daily walk’s, came back, and discovered he had planted enough stuff ( assuming it all grows) to feed a small country; 4 types of tomatoes 🍅, Aubergines 🍆, Watermelons 🍉 (didn't know you could grow those in the UK), Rocket 🌿, Swede 🍐, Lavender 🌿, Oregano, Basil.......the list is long. In fact everything except radishes 😂  I will have no excuses for not eating properly.
Basil in a piece of drainpipe 
We only have a small garden but every tub had been used, along with a variety of other things........Come harvest time we will be inundated with stuff. So impressed!!😋😋
Rocket & herbs in an old pallet

A wooden box thing that is growing swede, we don't have room for a water feature, so we have a barrel garden. Its amazing what you can do with old bits and pieces lying around.

Swede in a box thing
Water barrel garden
He has now turned his attention to cooking, we are working our way through Waitrose Beautifully Simple recipe cards. - not all the ingredients are bought at Waitrose, so please don’t tell.  We are having some lovely healthy meals, that are simple and nutritious, sometimes followed by some equally unhealthy deserts. I am not complaining, just wonder if it will continue when life returns to normal 🤔🤔 

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