Saturday, 25 April 2020

Coping Strategies

Determinedness? 😮(not sure if that's actually a word) or sheer bloody mindedness?😳 (not sure that's a word either).  A number of people have asked me how I was coping with the emotions, frustration and irritation of what has happened. 

These are good questions and something I hadn't really given much thought to.  Yes I am frustrated, especially when lots of people are out cycling or running during what is, such wonderful weather. I worry about loosing the fitness levels I have gained, and on occasions, I have been irritable and shouted at my OH, I cried when I did it, I cried when the Doctor told me that I would loose probably 70% of the hand / wrist movement, and, how long it will take to get back to anything like what will be the new "normal". 

It's ok to feel and be all of those things, to shout, stamp your feet and go red in the face like a 5 year old, 👿 - (I may have been known to do this!) but, at the end of the day it's not going to achieve anything, being bitter and hurt are ok, but the facts will still be the facts, and, the wrist/scaphoid and ribs will still be broken. I've seen people be consumed by bitterness and it's painful. 

Many moons ago, when I was young. I had to learn to fend for, and look after myself. Life was tough, a lot of other kids went off the rails, getting into trouble with the Police and going on a downward spiral.  

I decided that wasn't for me. I was going to be successful. I had no idea at what or how, but I wanted to be proud of myself!  So I set myself targets, goals with my own measurements, to assess if I had succeeded or not. They are not important to other people but they were and still are to me. They had to be achievable and something outside of my comfort zone but within my own capabilities, but you really have to want it. Approaching anything without passion, and commitment really won't work. 

I apply the same philosophy to most things in life, and will to this injury.  I really wanted to do a Triathlon, but couldn't swim (see my first blog, "How did I get here....").  I was determined to do it and was as proud as punch when I did🙌 . I will get back on my bike and will set myself goals and targets. 

I saw in the UK Tri Ladies fb page a quote 

"She believed she could, so she did"  

I adopted this as my personal motto. 
I truly believe that you can achieve whatever you
want, as long as its realistic.

The first and only person you need to convince is 
yourself. If you don't believe in you, no one else will. 

A triathlon is 3 disciplines, so reasonably you can expect to be Good at 1, be ok at another, the 3rd is what it is. Breaking it all down into bite size chunks is the best place to start.

So going out for a run on a cold, damp, grey winter's morning is not the most exciting prospect in the world, your training plan says run for 50 mins, its Saturday, its still dark, you really don't want to go. Make yourself get out of bed and do the local park run. I promise you, you will feel so much better for doing it and for having made the effort. It may not be 50 mins, but the fact that you did it is important. Then treat yourself to a small reward! A coffee and pecan yum yum, chocolate biscuit, doesn't matter what it is. 

Going out on a bike ride when its cold and it takes you 10 mins just get into some warm gear isn't much fun, thawing out the toes at the end is difficult, but the sense of achievement when you have finished and done your 50 miles, 30 minutes or whatever, is worth it. 

Having your teeth chattering in your head, wrapping your fingers round a cup of hot chocolate when you get out of the lake after swimming, is all good for the soul.

I suppose my advice is, give yourself a talking to, be realistic, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and most importantly believe in yourself! Simples!



  1. Wendy you are So right - rubbish happens But you have a choice - it can make you a Better person or a Bitter person - your choice. You will overcome this and you will get your fitness back and you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to - end of.

  2. Realistic personal targets, training in bite size chunks and rewards. Good key advice, thank you!