Thursday, 23 April 2020

Bad days and Good Friends

Tuesday was not a good day, another X-ray followed by an appointment with the Consultant. The cast will remain in place for 4 more weeks and will be removed on May 19th - 👍 I did a little jig at this point. 😃
Swiftly followed by, the cast will be replaced with a splint for 6 to 8 weeks, no weight bearing allowed during this time, at which point my hand will be re-assessed. What really!! not so good, no more zwifting or virtual spin classes!! This was a huge blow, so from being a triathlete 3 weeks ago, I can now well, Walk!

Life can be cruel sometimes, however, on the zwifting and spin class front, my cast is getting a bit well...umm lets say minty, 👃😆 so its probably not a bad thing really. 

Luckily, I have some superb friends. One couple phoned me as they "needed" some advice about something, we had a great WhatsApp chat.

Another friend made a pillow and delivered it to my house, observing social distancing guidelines.

The ladies I should have been cycling Coast to Coast with in July, decided we should put the trip off until I am able to do it..

A group of Ladies I play golf with sent me Iris and Freesia every-time I go into the lounge I can smell them and they are beautiful.

How lucky am I, generally fit and healthy, not in hospital with Covid-19, or like some people have life saving treatments cancelled.

Surrounded by lovely people, even my OH is learning to cook 🍳. So that all puts things in balance and I owe all my friends a huge Thank you, for being such good, supportive people.

One other benefit that has transpired from all this, is shopping once per week for food. Like a lot of people I have been making meal plans and shopping for everything all in one go. So our food waste has reduced, the amount of money spent has reduced, and, our diet is healthier, no bad thing.

Onwards and upwards walking every day in this beautiful weather. 🙌

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